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  • Lucia
    I didn't know about Idealica drops before, but now this is my favorite weight loss product. I saw the first result after five days, my body fat started to decrease in volume. This is an indescribable feeling! Every day I felt like I was getting thinner and better. I think only with the Idealica drops such a good result can be achieved.
  • Carmela
    If a couple of years ago someone had told me that I was going to lose weight, I would not have believed it. All my life I have endured being overweight and I buy clothes in stores for being overweight. My friend persuaded me to start a Idealica weight loss course, I disagreed for a long time, but then I succumbed to the persuasion. After the start of the reception, the result was immediate. Less 13 kg on the scale in a month!
  • Giovanna
    Don't trust anyone who says you can't lose weight. I've come a long way from a big lady to a slim little woman. Idealica helped me with this. The remedy suited me so much that I not only lost weight, but also strengthened my body. There are many vitamins in the composition, thanks to which my hair and skin are much better. And the figure I have now is what I need.
  • Caterina
    Closer to the start of the beach season, I thought about how to get in shape. I read about the Idealica crashes on the pages of review sites, and almost everyone spoke highly of them. I decided to test the effect of the drops on myself. Total: minus 7 kilograms per course, shiny hair and irrepressible activity.
  • Nicola
    My wife bought Idealica drops. I tried to dissuade her for a long time, because I don't care how she looks, I love her just the way she is. My wife started to transform in two weeks and a month later she became so slim and beautiful that I even started to feel jealous. I see how many men now want to meet her. The drops of it made her even more beautiful!
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